Timothy Frew

Timothy D. Frew


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Employment History

Romualdi, Davidson, & Associates, 2014-Present

Fire Solutions LLC., 2013-2014

Pennsylvania State Police, 1993-2013(Retired)

Pennsylvania State Police Academy, March-August 1993

Babcock & Wilcox, July 1991-August 1992

United States Marine Corp, February 1986-May 1991

Summary of Qualifications

Total Fires Investigated to Date as of 11/13/2017: 982

Total Continuing Educational Credit Hours as of 10/11/2017: 677

Earned Certifictions

Recognized as Fire Investigator I by the Office of the State Fire Commissionioner Certificate No. 230, October 2006

Recognized as Fire Investigator 1 by the National Board on Fire Professional Qualifications NFPA 1033 - 2003 Certificate No. 236411 (Pennsylvania Fire Commission), October 2006 , August 2016

Recognized as a Fire Investigative Technician By the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI - FIT), October 2009

Recognized as a Certified Fire Investigator By the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI-CFI) Certificate No. 29-080810, August 2011, August 2016

Recognized as a Fire Investigator by the National Board on Fire Professional Qualifications NFPA 1033 - 2009 Certificate No. 298681 (IAAI - CFI), August 2011

Registered Private Investigator State of Ohio Registration #20151100028835, March 2017


Expert Witness Testimony - Jury Trial, May 2008

Expert Witness Testimony - Preliminary Hearing, July 2008

Expert Witness Testimony - Jury Trial, September 2008

Expert Witness Testimony - Jury Trial, July 2009

Civil Deposition - No. :2007-4828, September 2009

Grand Jury Testimony - PA Western District, January 2010

Civil Deposition - No. :2008-10969, June 2011

Expert Witness Testimony, September 2011

Expert Witness Testimony, June 2012

Expert Witness Testimony, August 2012

Expert Witness Testimony - Jury Trial, April 2014

Civil Deposition - No.:AR-15-003729, January 2017

Professional Development

Arson Detection and Fire Investigation, May 2003

Fire and Arson Investigation - Electrical I, September 2004

Respiratory Protection for PA State Police, March 2006

Hazardous Materials First Responder - Operations, May 2006

PAAI Annual Seminar - Arson Investigation, June 2006

Fire/Arson Investigation, August 2006

Building Construction: Non-Combustible and Fire Resistive, September 2006

Building Construction: Wood and Ordinary, October 2006

Concepts of Fire Dynamics, December 2006

PAAI Annual Seminar - Fire/Arson Investigation, June 2007

Arc Mapping, November 2007

Introduction to Evidence, December 2007

Documenting the Event, March 2008

PAAI Annual Seminar - Fire/Arson Investigation, June 2008

Vacant and Abandoned Buildings: Hazards and Solutions, September 2008

Investigating Fatal Fires, September 2008

A Ventilation-Focused Approach to the Impact of Building Structures and Systems on Fire Development, November 2008

Fire and Explosion Investigations: Utilizing NFPA 1003 and 921, December 2008

Post Flashover Fires, December 2008

Insurance and the Fire Investigator, February 2009

Managing Complex Fire Scene Investigations, April 2009

Physical Evidence at the Fire Scene, April 2009

PAAI Annual Seminar - Fire/Arson Investigation, June 2009

Investigating Motor Vehicle Fires, June 2009

The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosions, June 2009

Ethics and the Fire Investigator, June 2009

Understanding Fire through the Candle Experiment, July 2009

Arc Mapping Basic, July 2009

Effective Investigation and Testimony, September 2009

Digital Photography and the Fire Investigators, September 2009

Modern Fire Investigation Techniques , November 2009

Instructor for IAAI West Virginia Chapter Fall Seminar - Hero to Zero - Fire Fighter Arsonist, November 2009

Modern Fire Investigation Techniques, November 2009

"Jack Christmas" Arson Seminar, January 2010

Evidence Examination, What Happens at the Lab, February 2010

The Hazwoper Standard, April 2010

Fundamentals of Residential Building Construction, June 2010

PAAI Annual Seminar, June 2010

Motive, Means and Opportunity: Determining Responsibility in an Arson Case, August 2010

Electrical Safety, November 2010

Fundamentals of Interviewing, November 2010

Well Control Incident Management: Effective Strategies & Tactics For Municipal Responders, November 2010

Explosion Dynamics, January 2011

Appliance Related Fire Investigations "Jack Christmas" Weekend, January 2011

Search and Seizure, March 2011

How First Responders Impact Fire Investigation, April 2011

An Analysis of the Station Night Club Fire, April 2011

Critical Thinking Solves Cases, April 2011

DNA, April 2011

Fire Investigator Scene Safety, April 2011

Post Blast Investigations, May 2011

PAAI Annual Seminar - From the Fire Scene to the Court Room, June 2011

The Fire Investigator & The 2011 NFPA 921 Changes, June 2011

Fire Protection Systems, July 2011

Magna Tek: A Case Study in the Daubert Challenge, September 2011

Introduction to Fire Dynamics and Modeling, October 2011

Charleston Super Sofa Store Fire, October 2011

The Potential Value of Electronic Evidence in Fire Investigations, October 2011

Gas & Oil Fire Furnaces - Failure to Fire "Jack Christmas" Weekend, January 2012

Writing the Initial Origin and Cause Report, March 2012

PAAI Annual Seminar - Current Trend and Techniques, June 2012

Using Resources to Validate Your Hypothesis, August 2012

NFPA 1033 and Your Career, September 2011

Explosion Investigations / Investigating CSST Fires "Jack Christmas" Weekend, January 2013

Residential Electricity for Fire Investigators, May 2013

Ethics & Social Media, August 2013

Basic Electricity, August 2013

Residential Electrical Systems, April 2014

Process of Elimination, October 2014

Basic Electricity, Utility Systems and Electrical Failures, November 2015

Origin Fire Patterns Persistence in Post Flashover Fires, Fire Dynamics Fundamentals, Behavior of Natural Gas in Fire & Explosions, "Jack Christmas" Weekend, January 2016

Radiation Safety Training, Nuclear Education Online, February 2016

Investigation of Gas and Electrical Appliance Fires, April 2016

Origin Fire Patterns Persistence in Post Flashover Fires, Managing Major Case Fires, Arc Mapping & Clandestine Lab Response, "Jack Christmas" Weekend, January 2017

Thermometry, Heat and Heat Transfer, February 2017

Residental Natural Gas Systems, October 2017

Investigating Natural Gas Systems, October 2017

NFPA 921 and 1033 2014 Editions: Important Revisions, October 2017

Radiation Safety Training, January 2018

Forensic Applications of Fire Protection Systems, Investigation of Fire Involving Lighting Fixtures, Scene Investigations involving CSST/HVAC Systems, Jack Christmas Weekend, January 2018

Professional Affiliations

PAAI - Pennsylvania Association of Arson Investigators, 2004 - Present

PAAI Board of Directors - First Term, June 2008 - June 2010

PAAI Board of Directors - Second Term, June 2010 - June 2012

Chairman, PAAI Annual Seminar Committee, June 2010 - June 2012

International Association of Arson Investigators, 2007 - Present

National Association of Fire Investigators, International , 2007 - Present