RDA Lab Upgrade HDTV

RDA has added a 48-inch HD TV for group viewing of x-ray and stereomicroscope generated images.

Pedestrian Slip and Fall News

The ANSI standard for specification of ceramic tile (ANSI A137.1), which is referenced by the International Building Code, was revised in 2012 to introduce a new method for specifying the slip resistance of tile. Rather than relying upon the dated ASTM C1028 standard in which the static coefficient of friction of tile surface is measured, slip resistance is assessed based upon the dynamic coefficient of friction, as measured using a Binary Output Tribometer (BOT). To perform such testing, Romualdi Davidson has purchased a Reagan Scientific BOT 3000E. This instrument allows measurement of the dynamic coefficient of friction per the standard, as well as the static coefficient of friction. This is a new step forward in the objective measurement of slip resistance, since this device performs a prescribed, computer-controlled measurement, effectively eliminating variances due to human error or misuse. In addition, for the first time, the standard offers an interpretation of dynamic coefficient of friction values that is based upon empirical testing of human test subjects that has been conducted to quantify the dynamic friction actually required to support normal human gait.

X-Ray News

The method to determine the cause of fires, equipment failure, plumbing leaks and the like often require the destructive examination of evidence. In many cases the destructive examination is done ‘blind’; that is, the evidence is torn apart without prior knowledge of what to expect inside. Evidence is often x-rayed to guide the examination, but this requires time-consuming transportation to a testing facility. As destructive examination proceeds, more x-rays may be required, adding even more time and expense to the process. To increase the efficiency of the evidence examination process, Romualdi Davidson has purchased a Golden Engineering XR200 x-ray source and a Logos Evry imaging system. Now RDA can generate x-rays of evidence before and during the destructive examination process. This capability increases the efficiency and effectiveness of evidence examination.